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Everything we had was an old VW LT38 CamperVan from the 70s, a full tank of Diesel, 70-77€ between the two of us, three surfboards, wetsuits, some clothes and the desire of discover a place called World.
We sailed for a weekend from Genoa to the Basque Country:

Our destination? Just the Ocean.

You know this feeling of freedom, young and wild. Always ready for mad ideas.


And...the week end had already flown!

So, on the way to get back home Alessandro and Camilla decided to take a break and sleep in a service area. They ate something and were ready for sleep...but Camilla, unable to fall sleep, asks Alessandro to tell a story...

At the end of this story Camilla was sleeping peacefully. The next day the two got up early in order to drive the last few miles that separated them from the Atlantic Coast...when suddenly Camilla said : "Do you remember what you told me last night?". Alessandro made ​​sense of it with his head. Their eyes met at the same moment, there was a moment of silence and turned on a light bulb in their brains :-) From that moment they left everything except the love.


There has been a tireless participation of both to create what has now become a community, a point of reference, for men and women of all ages! Passionate travellers in search of mysterious places and positive people for sharing unforgettable moments and stunning surfing times!

There was a time when two young wolves named Wolfandro and Lupilla, both with a huge passion for freedom and nature, at some point in their lives were fed up with the problematic situation of their country, the city, smog, society in doldrums for years, and decided to drop everything embarking on a journey to find an enchanted place where to base the Wolfhouse!

A friend's house, where they could all live in peace, in contact with nature and without stress.




After 13 years of epic tales the Wolves are still the same, happy and healthy!

We sailed the seven seas, scored the best waves and grow the best family we could desire!

Be part of the pack :-)

Welcome at the Wolfhouse! Can't wait to see you!

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